This FAQ page answers our most common questions. Please get in touch if anything you wish to know is unanswered.

What commands can I send with my email?

There are three command fields you can supply to schedule email laters message:

Date e.g. {date:2017-10-30 08:30}

Recipient e.g. {to:recipients-email@address.com} or if sending an SMS, {to:+447976505783}

Name e.g.{name:Recipients Name}

Here is some guidance on the use of each field:

Command 1 – DATE – {date:2017-10-30 08:30}

The date is entered in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM where:

Y = Year e.g. 2018 is the year Two thousand and Eighteen
M = Month e.g. 11 is November
D = Day e.g. 09 is the ninth day of the month
H – Hour in 24-hour format e.g. 11 is eleven in the morning. 23 is eleven at night
M = Minute e.g. 15 is fifteen minutes past the hour

Date Shortcuts

If no date and time are provided, your message will be scheduled to be sent one week following receipt.

For example, an email received at your laters.net address at 10:05 on 1 January would be scheduled to be sent the following week at 10:05 on 8 January.

If no time is provided with your message will be scheduled to be sent at 0:00 on the date entered.

Command 2 – RECIPIENT

{e.g. {to:recipients-email@address.com} or if sending an SMS, {to:+447976505783}

Recipient Shortcuts

If no recipient address is provided, the email will be sent to the email address sending the request.

Command 3 – NAME Recipient Name, this will accompany your email address as the name of the recipient.

Name Shortcuts

If no name is provided, just the email address will be used.

No command Fields

If no command fields are provided, the Laters account holder will receive the email automatically in 7 days time.

How do I schedule a message from a web page

To send a message, log in to www.laters.net and select ‘Compose Message” from the menu.

Complete the page:

a. Choose if you are sending a scheduled email or SMS message

b. Select the date and time you would like the message delivered

c. Complete the recipient’s email address and add their name and a subject for the message. If sending an SMS, enter the recipient’s phone number in the format  +44123412345 (subjects are not sent with SMS messages but display in your message history).

d. Type the message.

e. Add attachments if desired

f. Click send.


Will scheduled messages be sent if I don't have an active subscription?

You can only schedule or amend a message when you have an active Laters subscription.

However, once a message is scheduled, it will be sent regardless of whether your subscription is current or not.

How far in the future can I schedule an email to be sent?

You can schedule an email up to 12 months into the future.

Which countries do you support?

Laters.net is available from any location with an internet connection.

I'd sooner send a letter rather than an email!

This may be an unlikely question, but in addition to operating Leters.net, we also operate Docsaway.com. Docsaway.com letters you send a letter to any physical postal address from your computer. Check it out!

Can you provide me with an email service?

Yes, if you would like a complete email account service, please see our web hosting options at www.qiq.host

How do I reset my password?

How do I add another email address to the list of "allowed" emails?

The ‘Preferences’ menu option has the ability to add additional ‘Allowed Emails’.

How do send my message to multiple addresses?

Presently, you can only send the message to one email account at a time. Mulitple emails will be added at a later time.

Please note, the free account only enables emails to be sent to yourself. A standard or pro account is requried to send to other email addresses. This is required so customers sending to other addresses are verified.

Does the order of the "commands" matter?

No, any order works.

Is everything after the commands in the body sent to recipients?

Yes, that is correct.